Youth Unemployment Rate in Georgia is 25 Times Higher than the European Average

Unemployment is one of the most serious and hitherto unsolvable problems in Georgia  and concerns almost all age categories.


According to the UNICEF survey,  the problem is  particularly acute  for the younger generation. According to the UN Children's Fund, the highest unemployment rate is observed among young people.


In Georgia, most of the unemployed  are  in the 15 -29 age group.


According to the International Fund NEET (young people not employment, education or training), youth unemployment in Georgia reaches  31, 2%, 64, 4% of them are  girls.


The unemployment rate in Europe is 13, 1%, which is almost 2.5 times less than in Georgia.

Thus, unemployment remains a challenge for Georgia, especially among young people, which leads to the complete detachment of a large part of young people from economic processes.


Young people aged 18 -24 are mostly students who graduate from university and become socially vulnerable groups, as they do not have sufficient training. At the age of 25 -29, young people, as a rule,  make choices about their profession, they more or less know what they want, most already have their families, and put quite high demands on the potential work - writes .


Unlike Georgia, in developed countries the students have more opportunities in this regard. For example, in Norway students can work in shops, restaurants, or as newsboys, etc. Attending lectures is not a problem for them since they work not more than 4 hours per day.


In Georgia, the situation is complicated by the problem of the education system where   it is almost impossible to get a high-quality education. Due to the lack of qualifications, young people cannot  find  a decent job, and this in turn contributes to a further reduction in the level of professionalism and growth of  careerist attitudes among  young people.


Specific adaptation programs should be developed in the country to help young people to perceive the existing social and labor relations. The government must develop a youth employment policy which will focus on their interests.